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Musical MC²
The Hollywood film Musical in its Mediatic and Cultural Context

Digital Platform

Computer programmer : Gaétan Darquié, Post-Doctoral Associate at Labex Arts-H2H (Université Paris 8)

The project includes the creation of a major digital humanities research tool, "Musical MC²".: a database defining and categorizing the numbers in film musicals made between 1927 and 1972 along ten categories (outlines, music, dance, themes, intertextuality, etc.) and multiple subcategories (number of shots, performance types, topics, musical styles, dancing styles, etc.).

This page lists the presentations in English-speaking conferences. For other presentations in French, see the French version of this website.


Three researchers of Musical MC² presented papers using data from our database and the first data visualizations.

Marguerite Chabrol : "The Broadway Connection: Imitation, Challenge, and Reinvention in Hollywood’s Musical Film Attractions. A Case Study on Ethel Merman"

Marion Carrot : "Is there a 'Dance Repertoire' in Film Musicals? A Comparative Study Through Music"

Todd Decker : "Astaire by the Numbers: Using Corpus Studies to Understand a Musical Star's Creative Output"


Un projet Labex Arts-H2H