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Musical MC²
The Hollywood film Musical in its Mediatic and Cultural Context

Closing Conference

December 7-9, 2017

Coordination: Marguerite Chabrol & Pierre-Olivier Toulza

This conference aims at assessing the work undertaken during the three years of the MC² program. We will put emphasis on the presentation of the digital tool that was developed by MC², focusing on the conception and the possible uses of the database on the Hollywood film musical.

Workshop Digital Humanities

27-29 June 2017

Coordination : Gaétan Darquié

Workshop for the research team focused on the use of our database

Seminar : The film musical and its spectacular models: Between "retro" and avant-garde

Some Thursdays at 5pm


Coordination : Marguerite Chabrol & Pierre-Olivier Toulza

This seminar will consider the film musical as a potential source of tension and negociation between retro and avant-garde spectacular forms, models and traditions. Film musicals inherited this artistic and cultural opposition from their Broadway sources, but re-inscribed it in the history of film technologies.

Workshop #4

Decembre 1-3 2016

Coordination : Marguerite Chabrol & Aurélie Ledoux

The adaptation of Broadway shows had technical, as well as ideological implications, since classical Hollywood films were censored according to the studios’ Production Code.

Workshop #3

June 9-11, 2016

Coordination : Marguerite Chabrol & Caroline Renouard

Many thanks to Anne Crémieux, Claire Demoulin, Jean-Baptiste Hennion, Aurélie Ledoux, Delphine Rives and Pierre-Olivier Toulza  for their assistance in planning this event.


Workshop #2

December 3-5 2015

Coordination : Pierre-Olivier Toulza and Gaspard Delon

This second international workshop will question what the genre expects from its stars – song and dance skills.  It will focus on an analysis of these stars’ artistic performances and career paths, linked to the exchanges between industries and media on the one hand, and the promotion and reception of films on the other.

Workshop #1

June 4-6 2015

Coordination : Joël Augros & Marguerite Chabrol

 This first step of the « Musical MC² » project is meant to be both a public conference introducing what is at stake when studying the American film musical and a workshop to experiment with collaborative work as an international team. Some presentations will focus on methodology and June 6 is dedicated to the elaboration of digital tools and to the follow-up of the project. The discussions are open to all including future and current PhD students.

Un projet Labex Arts-H2H